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"Моя мама любит нашу музыку, но я думаю, она притворяется."

Винс Нил

"White Trash Circus"

[Written By Sixx / Mars / Michael / Ashba / Frederiksen]

I opened up the bottle and I fell out of bed

I couldn't find the floor until it hit me in the head

I did a little powder off the bathroom sink

It's been about a month something's starting to stink

Me and the band we are starting to fight

Cause if we got along it just wouldn't feel right


We're the white trash circus...Don't give a damn

We'll steal your girl whenever we can

We're the drunken gods of the living dead

We're the voice, we're the voice

We're the voice in your head

We're the trash, we're the trash

We're the trash in your bed

Been livin' on the road about a year and a half

If we go another mile we're gonna kick each other's ass

Someone's gonna quit or someone's gonna die

And we don't give a shit because we're busy getting' high

Another lawsuit and another arrest

Wouldn't change a thing because we love it to death



We're the son's of the devil, were the blood on the stage

You can love us you can hate us but we'll never go away...

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