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"Motley Crue просто замечательные ребята. Они натуральные психи. Все называют меня «безумцем рока» - посмотрели бы те кто это говорит на то, что творят парни из Crue."

Оззи Осборн

"Welcome To The Machine"

[Written By Sixx / Mars / Ashba / Frederiksen]

Step right up and listen

Welcome to the show

Sign on the x to sell your soul

It's so automatic

Hocking broken plastic

Royalties you'll never know

Rotting to the core

Give your ass like a whore

Once you take a hit

You need more more more more...


Welcome to the machine

Once it sucks you in you'll never leave

Grind you up spit you out

After all you're just a piece of meat

Welcome to the machine

Count your days they're numbered

Where you gonna be

When it all goes down in flames

Sell out to the rats

Make em rich make em fat

Get a poison dwarf to watch your back



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