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"Меня захватывает секс, быстрые машины и ещё более быстрые женщины."

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"Just Another Psycho"

[Written By Sixx / Mars / Michael / Ashba / Frederiksen]

They opened up the door

To my insanity

They should it slammed shut right then

And thrown away the key

They stitched up my head

From my lobotomy

They should have never let me out

I'm public enemy

I'm not okay

The voices in my head always say


I should be committed

For being so twisted

Cause everyone knows

I'm just another psycho

I went to the doctor

It wasn't a shocker

When he said I should know

I'm just another psycho

Shoved into a hole

Got covered up with dirt

That's no way to treat someone

Who's feeling's don't get hurt

I don't need a reason

To hurt you just for fun

I'll terrorize your perfect life

Yeah...you better run



I'm not okay

[Chorus x2]

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