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"Моя мама любит нашу музыку, но я думаю, она притворяется."

Винс Нил

"Dancing On Glass"

Can't find my doctor

My bones can't take this ache

If ya dance with the devil

Your day will come to pay


Fuel-injected dreams

Are busting at the seams

Am I in Persia

Or am I just insane?

Downtown, downtown

One foot in the grave

Such a foolish child

For a date with death

Sign the dotted line

I've been thru hell

And I'm never goin' back

To Dancing on Glass

Going way too fast

Gonna burn and crash

Valentine's in London

Found me in the trash


Need one more rush

Then I know, I know I'll stop

One extra push

Last trip to the top

Downtown, downtown

Silver spoon and needle

Witchy tombstone smile

I'm no puppet

I engrave my veins with style

I've been thru Hell

And I'm never goin' back

To dancing on glass

Dancin' dancin'

Sweet Chiva, you were my Jesus
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