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Когда речь идет об опасности, пьянстве, наркотиках, распутстве и тупости, Motley Crue чувствуют...
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На данный момент нет офциальной информации о концертной деятельности группы Motley Crue.

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"Быстро жить, быстро умереть."

Никки Сикс

"In The Beginning"

In the beginning

Good always overpowered the evils

Of all man's sins...

But in time

The nations grew weak

And our cities fell to slums

While evil stood strong

In the dusts of hell

Lurked the blackest of hates

For he whom they feared

Awaited them... Now many many lifetimes later

Lay destroyed, beaten, beaten down,

Only the corpses of rebels

Ashes of dreams

And blood stained streets

It has been written

"Those who have the youth

Have the future"

So come now, children of the beast

Be strong

And Shout at the Devil
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